Missing Parts

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Re: Missing Parts

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Did I send you the switch?


It's 7.75mm long and about 5mm in diameter, but I can send you another if you want.
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Re: Missing Parts

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Would like to get this completed to see if it will work will a Bell Canada sim card
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Re: Missing Parts

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Missing 1x uFL Coax Cable
Hi. We have arrived at the point where we need the SECOND uFL Coax Cable, but can not find it in bag D or anywhere else for that matter. Is this a sort of cable I can buy online or something, or else can you send me one please?
I also was a couple of screws short, and one brass washer, but we found replacements at the back of a drawer ; )

All the best, Sturla
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Re: Missing Parts

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Also missing the 1 of 2 uFL Coax Cables over here. Wondering the same as Sturla.
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