T-Mobile and possibilities...

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T-Mobile and possibilities...

Post by Anjin »

I saw this today at TMobile when providing my IMEI
ublox-lara-r6001.jpg (35.23 KiB) Viewed 9789 times
I also have been reviewing the init and find it may be lacking for an LTE network connection. Plenty of other bits needing updating as well in the RUSP repo, like changing the board type and speed to atmega1280-16. After I get my kit assembled, I will perhaps see about tidying that up a bit. But if there is a new version that just hasn't been committed, it would be a better starting point.

U-Blox has an api library that covers quite a bit: https://github.com/u-blox/ubxlib.git

This repo also has lots of guidance: https://github.com/firechip/Firechip_u- ... ibrary.git

This one also is well documented and covers up to LARA-R2 series. https://github.com/khoih-prog/GSM_Generic.git

And while there are plenty of others, this one supports U-Blox and voice/volte and is nice and trim. Also a scad of forks with additional functions. https://github.com/vshymanskyy/TinyGSM.git
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Re: T-Mobile and possibilities...

Post by justine »

Hi Anjin,

This is good. Where are you in the world that you got this?

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Re: T-Mobile and possibilities...

Post by joelsef »

I am hoping to get my phone finished this weekend and try it on Mint (which uses T-Mobile here in the US). I'm crossing my fingers!
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Re: T-Mobile and possibilities...

Post by imyxh »

Hey, sorry to necropost. I've been newly onboarded as an engineer at Sky's Edge and from what I remember from my initial testing, my T-Mobile SIM was in fact able to at least scan for nearby cell towers through the LARA. I haven't tested full functionality with T-Mobile yet but it should work. AT&T has also worked at least in our tests.

Regarding the firmware, there's an ongoing rewrite of it here: https://github.com/skysedge/rusp_firmware. Many features remain to be implemented but we do have calling in and out working—at least from our tests—on the ATmega1280 with LARA.
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